According with the Erasmus+ programme guide for 2015: “Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-20201. Education, training, youth and sport can make a major contribution to help tackle socio-economic changes, the key challenges that Europe will be facing until the end of the decade and to support the implementation of the European policy agenda for growth, jobs, equity and social inclusion.

Fighting rising levels of unemployment – particularly among young people – has become one of the most urgent tasks for European governments. Too many young people leave school prematurely running a high risk of being unemployed and socially marginalised. The same risk threatens many adults with low skills. Technologies are changing the way in which society operates, and there is a need to ensure the best use is made of them. EU businesses need to become more competitive through talent and innovation.

Erasmus+ programme funds international cooperation through different Key Actions. EPATV has been involved in International projects for some years now. In the past, several Leonardo da Vinci of different types, a Comenius partnership and, nowadays, is strongly committed to Erasmus+ – Key action 1 and Key action 2.

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