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English Language Day Celebration

English Language Day Celebration

EPATV inaugura Antena de Informação Europeia

Once again our English school teachers and students organized the English language day which was celebrated on the 25th and 26th of February.

On the morning of the 25th, forty six students participated in the English language quiz “A Question of English V”. This year’s winners were José Capela and Luís Barrão from the 1st year course of Industrial Maintenance.

In the afternoon we had the presence of three university students, a Georgian, an Italian and a French one, who are presently doing ERASMUS in Universidade do Minho.

They spoke to our students about ERASMUS and the importance of the English language not only for the experience they were living but also for their future career.

The English breakfast has become a must over the years in the celebration of the English language day at EPATV and so on the morning of the 26th everyone had the opportunity to have a full English breakfast with bacon and eggs. At lunch hour teachers and students were served fish n´ chips and apple crumble.

The English Language Day is always a special celebration for students and teachers!